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Specialists within the area of trenchless technology

Using trenchless technology, also named No-dig, is good business in many ways – cheaper than excavation, it is much faster and more environmentally friendly. But it requires special expertise.

Johan Lundberg AB has extensive experience, and knows where the problems usually occur and why costs sometimes increase. Every year we help infrastructure and network owners, municipalities and contractors to save big money by using trenchless technology. In many cases we work as an expert with the designer. We can step in and support all parts of the process – from feasibility studies and project planning to procurement and cost control.

We work to avoid surprises. We find the smartest solution and make sure you choose the method that gives the best value. In the past year, our customers have saved at least 20 million Euro for smart No-dig solutions. At the same time they avoided lots of concernment.

We work actively with lessons learned in the projects where we are involved, and also in other projects. This experience we make use of in our projects, courses and publications.