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What we do

Our independence is key

We don’t have a machinery that needs to be kept busy. We don’t need to defend a particular way of working, we don’t sell pipes, and we have no need of choosing a solution that requires a great number of hours for planning. We simply see it as our task to provide our client with a high-quality solution, which stays within the limits of both time plan and budget. Our returning clients is the best proof of their appreciation for the way we work.

Consulting and planning

While trenchless technology offers many advantages, the technology is more complex. Initially, this means a somewhat higher degree of uncertainty than conventional trenching. To counter this, it is important to approach the project seriously: not guessing but basing decisions on facts. One must be thorough, mapping all prerequisites, evaluating possible options and finding a viable solution without preconceptions.


Is there a trenchless alternative? What might it look like? How much would it cost? How can risks be minimized? We can provide these answers through a pre-study. It helps the client make the right decision, and decreases the risks of unpleasant surprises in planning, procurement and construction.

Framework agreement

Framework agreements can save both time and money, but each client’s needs and wishes are different. We can tell when a framework agreement makes life easier, and when other solutions are to be preferred. For a framework agreement to be beneficial, all personnel with the network owner must have the required understanding of its structure and content. We therefore create procurement data which answers to the network owner’s needs, but also conduct workshops and provide education on the technology as the work proceeds.

Utility crossing agreement

Many installations made under roads and railways require a crossing agreement. If many crossings are to be made, e.g. for fiber expansions, the progress of reaching these agreements can be both time consuming and complicated. We are experienced in crossing agreements, which regulate the general prerequisites and only require the local information for completion.

NoDig Platform

We have developed a digital tool which helps you choose the right method and create a viable material for procurement. Audits can be added to this service.


Apart from our handbook, which gives the background to trenchless technology, we also arrange regular diploma courses for network owners and consultants. After the course, participants can identify the projects where trenchless technology can provide advantages and know what is required for replacing uncertainty with quality and cost control.

Johan Lundberg AB is an independent consultant company within trenchless pipeline and cable construction and rehabilitation.

Johan Lundberg AB holds the AAA rating, i.e. the highest rating of creditworthiness.

Johan Lundberg AB is certified to the ISO 9001 and ISO14001 standards, which are the international standards for quality- and environmental management systems respectively.

DCA-Europe, Drilling Contractors’ Association - is the industry body for entrepreneurs, tech. developers and design offices in horizontal directional drilling (HDD). As the first Swedish member, we take part in and contribute to DCA standards and networking.
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