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The consulting company Johan Lundberg AB was founded in Uppsala in 2009. Founder Johan Lundberg has many years’ experience from the industry in the role of project manager, teacher, author, and visionary. The independent company specializes in trenchless pipeline and cable construction and rehabilitation. Projects are mainly for the Swedish market, though happily engaging in projects all around Scandinavia.

Trenchless technology is used only in a fraction of the projects where the technology could provide advantages. This is true despite most workers in the field of pipeline- and cable construction and maintenance being aware of these different advantages.

The reason for this, in many cases, lead back to uncertainty. Choosing traditional methods feels safer. This is the heart of the mission of Johan Lundberg AB, and where we, thanks to our independence, have reached great success.

A thoroughly tested process combined with years of experience makes us able, already in the pre-study, to replace uncertain assumptions with facts, and thereby eliminate uncertainty. As the project proceeds, we follow each step from planning and procurement to execution and evaluation.

Through the first 10 years, Johan Lundberg AB has followed a stable growth curve, establishing offices in other parts of Sweden as well as in Finland. The expansion continues.

Johan Lundberg AB is an independent consultant company within trenchless pipeline and cable construction and rehabilitation.

Johan Lundberg AB holds the AAA rating, i.e. the highest rating of creditworthiness.

The R-license defines corporations with an ethical standard, proactively working for and emphasizing ethics throughout the organization.

DCA-Europe, the industry body for technology
developers and consulting companies within
the area of horizontal directional drilling (HDD).
We are the first Scandinavian organization
to be admitted as associate members of DCA. In our work, we strive to follow the good experiences that
DCA's norms and standards enrich us with.
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