E4 at A6 in Jönköping. Microtunneling DN800.

A few years ago we at Johan Lundberg AB got the question from Sweco, who were designing a new main water pipe for the municipality of Jönköping, about how a 90 m crossing of the railway and a 190 m crossing of the E4 motorway could be solved. We joined forces with Sweco as sub-consultants and our focus was on the no-dig parts of the project. An early feasibility study showed Microtunneling technology as a possible solution. Now, a couple of years later after fun and interesting design work and supporting the client during the contract, the pipe contract is soon complete. The main contractor was NCC and the subcontractor for the drilling was BAB.

Johan Lundberg: “Last Friday I met a happy construction manager who told me that the Microtunneling had been very successful and that they were ahead of schedule! It’s great to be part of such a project .”

Thank you Sweco for a fun project and a great collaboration!

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