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Smart trenchless solutions already helped our clients save a billion SEK. How much could you save?

Consulting – planning

Great savings can be made when using trenchless solutions. We eliminate uncertainties, plan, and keep the project within budget by supporting you throughout the project.

Education – courses

More thorough planning is required for trenchless project to be successful compared to conventional trenching. Our courses provide network owners and consultants with the knowledge needed to identify projects where trenchless is the best solution, and how to’s for seeing the project through.

Aids and tools

Our handbooks and hands-on planning tool, NoDig platform, provide you with information and support in your trenchless projects. We have also contributed to the development of general industry guidelines, e.g. AMA construction and instructions for the Swedish transport Administration.

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“Trenchless technology means sustainability in practice. Minimum emissions, minimum noise and minimum use of finite resources – could it be better? And all this at a lower cost. “

As independent consultants, we help network owners, consultants and contractors to make the most of the technology, with the lowest possible risk.

Our consultants find the optimum position for the network and help you find the solution which provides the best combination of certainty and economy. Our work is based on an efficient process, proven in practice, which eliminates uncertainty and gives you the support you need throughout the project – from pre-study and planning, to procurement, execution and documentation.

How may we help you?

Johan Lundberg – Founder

Trenchless is always a good deal, for both economy and environment.

When you choose a trenchless solution, it can mean decreased emissions by 80%. In addition, central societal functions are not disturbed to the same degree, and project costs are lower compared to conventional trenching. Trenchless also brings security in the longer perspective, for example by eliminating the risk of ground settlements. However, thorough planning and practical knowledge is essential for success. We give it to you.

Johan Lundberg AB is an independent consultant company within trenchless pipeline and cable construction and rehabilitation.

Johan Lundberg AB holds the AAA rating, i.e. the highest rating of creditworthiness.

Johan Lundberg AB is certified to the ISO 9001 and ISO14001 standards, which are the international standards for quality- and environmental management systems respectively.

DCA-Europe, Drilling Contractors’ Association - is the industry body for entrepreneurs, tech. developers and design offices in horizontal directional drilling (HDD). As the first Swedish member, we take part in and contribute to DCA standards and networking.
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